Lead Net Pro – An Honest Review Of What You Get

Lead Net Pro is the newest “lead scraping” tool to hit the market recently. While it claims to move at lightening speed and have an accuracy rating of 99%, I think we all know it’s not going to be THAT accurate.

I decided to drill down a bit and get what they real Lead Net Pro facts are so I could give those looking at the program an honest look at what you would be getting.

First off, I thought for a good while about the program before I bought it. Unfortunately you have to buy it to be able to get  any kind of test run on it and  while it is a pretty good investment at $397.00, if it did even half of what it says it could do it would be well worth it.

The first thing I was thinking was if it’s as fast as they say it is, there is going to be some serious time needed on setting it up. I”m not a “technical” person by any means,  so I was fully prepared to be sitting in front of the computer for half the day trying to get it running right. Much to my surprise, it was really very simple to install. There is only a couple minor things you need to install on a hosting account and you’re up and running.

Now, they do suggest having a separate hosting account that you use for Lead Net Pro only. I bought an extra one through Hostgator for $8.95 a month and that’s where I loaded it up. Due to the fact you will be using an in house email-er, they say you shouldn’t put it on your hosting account that you have websites already on in case there is a problem. Makes good sense to me in the fact that you don’t want your sites to be penalized in the case your hosting account gets complaints.

They’ve done a really really good job explaining how to go about contacting these leads without getting any spam complaints.  It’s  a pretty simple formula that’s will work for sure.

Now that I was up and had the Lead Net Pro mlm extractor ready to go, I realized that it’s not just for MLM stuff. You can really use this for a ton of other things you might want to do too.  If you sell physical products or have an online business that caters to offline businesses, this thing call really cut down on your time.

So the main thing I wanted to test out was just how fast this thing would fly. They state very clearly that they are the fastest program out there, but I always like to see things for myself. You can see the video above for the proof of just how fast it really is.

Everything is searched for by keyword so it makes it very easy to pull just what you are looking for. One thing to be aware of though is not searching for things with broad intent. You want to be as targeted as you can in order to get the best results. If you search for thing like “home based business”, there are any number of things you could get back that won’t be any good for you. So make sure that you are drilling down as close to the exact thing you are looking for.

Finally, I decided to see just how easy the mailer and the phone set up was in Lead Net Pro. Yes, they actually have a phone system that you can automate to get people interested in what it is you are offering and you don’t have to hire a telemarketer to do it. You can just prerecord messages and load them yourself. Both programs were very simple to set up and test out even for someone who is as “Techie stupid” like myself.

The video above shows you pretty much what you are going to get, but all in all, I was very impressed with the system itself. Like anything else, if you don’t use it, it’s not going to give you any results, but if you do, it would be really difficult to see how it couldn’t get you your money back pretty quickly.

The compensation plan for it is really good as well. The first sale goes to the person who introduced you to the course and then after that, you make $300.00 for each sale.  Only thing I wasn’t to fond of is the fact you have to actually buy the system before you are allowed to promote it, but with as many people who will be grabbing this program shortly, I don’t think there will be any shortage of buyers any time soon.

That said, If anyone is interested in the program and

you purchase through my link here

I have some pretty good bonuses to give you.

First, you’re going to need a Hosting account by itself for this software.

I’ll Pay For The First Year Of Hosting! That’s a $80-$100.00 Value! Then you will also get:

1. Personal Support On How To Best Use The Software To Your Advantage. I made over 1800.00 with it in the first 48 hours!

2. I’ll install the software for you!

3. Lifetime membership into my private membership course The Newbie University which teaches you successful internet marketing. Currently $47.00 per month.

4. Traffic Explosion Plan – Over 12 Hours Of Traffic Generation Video’s – See here

5. The Focus Master – Timing Software To Force You To Be Productive – See Here

6. Formfilla – Helps you Create Those Cool Info Forms People Fill Out – See on Traffic Explosion Sales Page

7. Audio And PDF Version Of My Book Article Marketing Exposed – See here

To claim your bonuses, just email me at networkcrusher@gmail.com with your receipt. Soon as I verify it, I’ll send you the download link to all products.

I don’t think you will find any more of an honest or detailed explanation of the Lead Net Pro information out there.

To your higher profits,




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Instant Action Profits – WP Plugin Push Button Affiliate Program

Instant Action Profits Wp PluginInstant Action Profits is the newest release when it comes to affiliate program creation. The cool thing about this one is that it’s a wordpress plugin!

For anyone who knows anything about wordpress, you know how much easier the plugins are as far as getting your site to do things you want it to do rather than using scripts.

Instant Action Profits works very much like a script called The 7 Dollar Script and another script called Rapid Action Profits. These were both designed to create hands off affiliate programs for product owners. The way they work is by setting a rotation on payments so that you and your affiliate both get paid 100% of the sales total upon purchase.

Because it works on a rotation, the product owner gets the first payment and then the affiliate gets the second payment. There is also integration with a OTO or One Time Offer that also works on the rotation the same as the original sale.

The cool thing is the rotation can be made into anything you want it to. If you want to pay affiliates 100% commissions, you just set the rotation to only pay the affiliate. Push button simple and easy to use.

While most scripts are difficult and very time consuming to set up, Instant Action Profits can be installed and read to roll in less than 5 minutes. It also supports multiple languages as well as different currencies which is a big plus.

Other features include the ability to auto subscribe buyers to your Aweber, Profollow or any whitelable version of Aweber all during the buying process. This is huge when it comes to making sure you not only have that list to be able to market other products to later, but also to make sure you have your customers contact information so you can notify them of any upgrades to your products.

Tracking is another great feature of the Instant Action Profits WordPress Plugin. Some of the stats you can see are:

  • Your Sales
  • Affiliate Sales
  • Your OTO Sales
  • Your Affiliate OTO sales
  • Your Refunds
  • Your Affiliates Refunds
  • Top Affiliates

When it comes to filling a much needed void in the market, this wordpress plugin has done just that. There will also be a lot of upgrades done to it as well and many new features to be added.

Here’s a video of what the inside looks like:


Visit Instant Action Profits Website Here

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Network Marketing Tips – Stop Wasting Your Time Trying To Build A Stupid Downline!

Network Marketing TipsAnybody who has been involved in a multi level marketing program for any length of time, knows that actually being able to make much money at it can be difficult. You have the process of not only trying to recruit people into your organization, you then have to hope that they already know or that you can teach them how to do the same thing.

Still, no matter how good you are or how good their intentions were, the retention rate for most people to stay involved with a particular business is usually only a couple months. Now, for you to make any money, you have to either have a constantly growing down line that now only you are contributing to, but you have to hope that at least a handful of people will be able to do the same thing.

The usual result is that unless you are in at the “top” so to speak, you are never going to make any where near enough money to get excited about and many times you won’t make any money at all. Add on the fact that you have the monthly auto ship payments and 95% of the people who started out so excited wind up losing a couple thousand dollars by the time they hang it up.

Now, people are now learning that marketing something on the front end first to make some money and then using their primary opportunity as the back end is a good idea. This method works great as it’s the core foundation of any business really. This way no matter if they join your business or not, you still have the opportunity to make some income.

This is all well and good, but the commissions for these “smaller” offers that are used as an intro to the funnel don’t really pay you all that much. Matter of fact, they don’t pay you much at all. Here’s something that most people don’t really pay attention to.

Why would you want to market something that pays you next to nothing when you get someone to sign up? Why would you want to bust your but trying to recruit people into a down line that only pays you 20% at most of the one thousand dollars it takes to join the business and then all the effort you put in goes away because 99% of those people are going to quit?

You want to make a lot of money? Wouldn’t it be smarter to promote something that is going to pay you upfront a very large amount of money instead of “hoping” that you can build it later on? Your effort is the exact same! The only difference is you don’t have to worry about if people quit or not because you’ve already made more money from one sale than you ever would have from that one person in a normal MLM program.

Click Here and you’ll see exactly why this is a much better business model for people struggling in MLM. Remember, the effort you spend promoting is the EXACT same. You just get paid more!

This is truly one of the best network marketing tips you are going to find.



Lead Net Pro

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MLM Secrets – Do You Think Like A Rich Person Or A Broke Person?

One of the greatest mlm secrets there are is how you use your mind. This doesn’t just work for things like building mlm leads or how well you want a funnel to perform, this kind of thinking can go into every facet of your life.

The pep talks about “you can be what ever you want to be” that we all got from mom and dad were nice, but if you really break down how successful people think, you’d be surprised just how different it really is.

To successful people, failure is not an option. In a successful persons mind, there isn’t even a word that sounds like failure because they will do what ever it takes to get to where they want to be.

How many times have you personally given up on something because you thought it was to hard or you just didn’t have enough time? Easy to justify to yourself when you give it one of those two reasons isn’t it. This is what many people do every day and then wonder why they don’t ever achieve the success that others do. People seem to think that many times when a person becomes rich, it was all about being in the right place at the right time or just flat out lucky. Not only having a positive mind, but actually believing that you will become successful is one of the biggest mlm secrets out there.

Try it and make a commitment to yourself right now. It doesn’t have to be with your network marketing business, instead make it something personal to just you. Take failure out of the equation and don’t give yourself any option to make up an excuse that it won’t work. When you remove failure as one of the possibilities as far as an outcome, you’ve only got one option left.

Trust me, when you truly believe that there is only one outcome and that the thought of “what if I fail” is completely wiped away, you will be stunned at exactly what it is you can accomplish. Your mind is extremely powerful and your thought process determines a lot of things every single day. So use it in the best way possible to make it a benefit to yourself and you will be taking advantage of one of the biggest mlm secrets there is.

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To your higher profits,



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MLM Scams – How Much Value Do You Actually Give Your People?

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Maybe it’s a little harsh to say this is a MLM scam, but it’s something that is very important in my opinion AND I’m sure those who are thinking about aligning themselves with you.

The MLM business is one that is dominated by the world of “attraction” marketing where one is supposed to brand themselves as a leader. I get this, and I think it’s an excellent way to not only get yourself out there, but also to have success. But…

How much value are you really giving those people who look to align themselves with you? Are you really giving those people an honest representation of who you are and what you know? In the end, those people are going to find out if you are the real deal or not and everything you do has your name attached to it.

I don’t blame people for this for the most part as it is almost exactly what they are taught to do. Go out, put yourself out there and talk about how you must brand yourself as a leader to others. Then they go out and they do the same thing and it turns into one big chain. But how much value is that really? How is that giving a person the skills it takes to actually succeed?

People are forced to make a decision between who comes across better on camera verses what person really knows some things that can really help a person out in growing their business. Let’s take article marketing for instance since it’s usually the first place a person goes to get traffic when they are first starting out.

Do you just tell people to go out and submit articles or do you explain how, why and where? Have you had success with this method yourself, CAN YOU PROVE IT!

Why should the title be longer, where should the keyword be in the title, where should it be in the first paragraph, what should the first paragraph say, what links you should have in your resource box, why should you word it like this or that. These are just the fundamental pieces of article marketing, but if you don’t know them and you are not teaching your prospects this stuff, you are not giving them the advantage that a “leader” should.

Just those things listed above can make a HUGE difference in how a person’s article campaign performs.

The good news is, all this stuff can be learned and in a fairly short amount of time with some hard work.  So if your goal is to build a residual income from those who you sponsor, doesn’t it do you more good to honestly learn and be able to really teach what it is you have had success with?

If you really don’t know this stuff, then get some courses and learn it, dive in and study it, test it, track it, put in the effort because it will be worth it for you and your business in the long run!

To your higher profits,




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MLM Secrets – There’s No Secret To Being More Productive!

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Here’s one of the MLM secrets or any business secret for that matter, that while it gets talked about a lot, no one really ever lays it out for you. Any one of you who are reading this can be successful in anything you want to. I know the whole “you can be what ever you want to be” line is worn out, but to an extent, if you are willing to get after it in the RIGHT way, you really can.

“Take Action” is what everyone is always told. That is supposedly the key to success is it not? Well, half of that statement is. You can take all the action you want to, but if you are not taking action towards productive tasks, then you are just going to be spinning your wheels.

One of the proclaimed multi level marketing secrets is goal setting right? Setting goals is an absolute MUST, but has anyone really ever shown you how to go about setting up goals that you can actually obtain. I mean big goals, but working at them in such a targeted manner that you really are not working towards the main goal, the main goal is an outcome of all the other goals you set.

It is really amazing how much you can accomplish and just how productive you can be when you set yourself up in the right way. The best part is, ANYONE can do this if they are willing to put in just a couple hours to organize themselves.

People can claim that they know all the MLM secrets or network marketing secrets they want, but you know what that really boils down to? Knowing what to do and where to do it at! Everybody can learn what and where those things are, but you have to know how you are going to get there.

Watch the video above and then take a look at what it is your normal work routine looks like. Use some of the tactics in the video to create a laser targeted focus machine out of yourself, and watch your productivity and money soar.

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If you’d like to work directly with me and the Network Crusher Team, please watch this video.

To Your Higher Profits,



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Home Based Business Leads – 3 Ways To Get More Network Marketing Leads

Home Based Business Leads

In any business that you are part of, having the ability to generate a steady flow of new customers is essential. Nowhere else is this more pivotal than in network marketing. If you are going to be successful in this type of business you have to be able to generate home based business leads from multiple sources. Below you will find my top three favorite ways of generating network marketing leads for free. Yes you can use pay methods, but when you are spending a dime and still getting a good amount of leads on autopilot, it’s a pretty nice situation.

One of the best ways to get business opportunity leads is through content generation. Usually this comes in the form of what is called article marketing. There are many different article directories that are more than happy to take your content and put it up on their website. The more places you have your articles the better chance you have of people seeing them. This strategy can be highly effective for building MLM leads if you are consistent with your writing. You have to be willing to put in the effort though if you want to see the results.

Another good form of lead generation that won’t cost you a dime is called blog commenting. This is where you visit other peoples sites and read what they have to say. If you like what they had to say or think you can add to the conversation, you leave a comment on their blog that points back to your site. This is a great way to get traffic coming to your site because of all the different visitors to the blog receives. Just be respectful of the blog owners and not spam their blog with useless garbage comments. If you think you can add something to the conversation then go for it, most times the blog owner will be happy you did.

Being active in related forms also can help you build up your business opportunity leads. Because people who are like-minded are also members of these forms, you stand a good chance at building some nice leads from those who are visiting the forum. If you can establish that you are someone who knows what they are doing, you can build a nice following just by the posts that you make. People may see one or two post of yours and like what they see, so they may go out and read the others as well. Just make sure you are being as helpful as you can and providing good advice. Do that and people will find you.

Now these methods all work great for traffic and building up a small business leads, but if you don’t have a solid marketing plan to convert them, you’re just wasting valuable traffic. If you’d like to see the exact system I have set up, just enter your details in the box on the right.

To your higher profits,


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Multi Level Marketing Companies – How Do You Choose The Right Network Marketing Company?

Multi level marketing companiesThere are a lot of multi level marketing companies out there that claim to be the best of them all. But when you are searching for these network marketing companies, how do you truly know which one is right for you?

The first thing I would do honestly is find some people who are in the multi level marketing business but not quite at the top of the food chain. The reason why is these people have very large lists and it doesn’t matter which opportunity they decide they want to join, they can build the foundation of their downline just by sending an e-mail. Now this has a lot to do with marketing and will cover that in a moment, but the person I would contact is somebody who is right in the middle of the pack.

Why? Well, the reason why I would go to someone who is in the middle of the pack as far as what level they are on with the company, is because you are going to get a better understanding of how the company is really doing. Someone who is in the mid-levels but is having some success, gives you a pretty good idea of what you can do yourself and how decent the company actually is.

You can look around online and am sure you will find a decent multilevel marketing companies list. I know I’ve seen more than one “top 10 multilevel marketing companies” list posted on quite a few different websites. But again, it doesn’t really matter what opportunity you are joining as long as you know the company is solid, people other than those at the top are making some money and there is a decent amount of room for growth. You have to use your head a little bit when choosing a company to work with because you don’t want to join something that is already too saturated.

But once you have decided on which direct sales company you are going to use, it is all going to come down to how well your marketing strategy works. In this day and age, most people are looking to use the Internet as a form of advertisement. It is the largest media platform in the world now, so you can understand how great a resource it is tap into. Plus, the benefits that come along with knowing how to use Internet properly in marketing are extremely good.

You have to admit, not ever having to harass your friends or family to join you on something all because your next monthly auto ship payment is coming up is pretty nice. If you would like to see the funnel that I set up as far as marketing goes, you can read more about My Lead System Pro.

To your higher profits,


business opportunity leads

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Business Opportunity Leads – Using Free Methods To Get Network Marketing Leads

Business Opportunity LeadsOne of the best ways to get business opportunity leads is through article marketing. Of course by “business”, I’m talking about network marketing leads, but in reality, you can get any type of prospect this way.

Article marketing could very well be the best “free” way to get traffic to your website there is. Yes, video does rank right up there, but I believe there are more articles that rank highly in the search engines right now than video’s. Plus, with video, you may very well lose the viewer if they don’t like how you present the information.

When building home based business opportunity leads with article marketing, it’s important that you follow a few guidelines if you want to be successful:

1. Proper Keyword Research
If you really want to learn how to get traffic to your website, you need to find out what people are typing into the search engines. You would be surprised at the things people search with as far as terms go. You can do some searching on your own the manual way by using the Google Adwords Tool. Usually you can get a couple hundred results, but if you want between 600 and 800 possible keywords, just sign in to your Adwords account first and you’ll be given quite a few more.

If you want to save yourself a lot of time, you can use a keyword tool like Micro Niche Finder to speed things up a bit.  It will cost you less then $100.00 and it will save you a ton of time!

2. Proper Keyword Placement
Inside your article, you want to make sure you are placing your keywords in the proper places. If you do not, you are not maximizing the chances of Google ranking your articles high enough in the search engines that you will get some organic traffic. I go over this extensively in the webinars that I hold for my subscribers. If you’d like to join in on one of them, just enter your name and email address at the bottom of this post and you’ll be sent a notification when the next webinar is.

3. Taking Advantage Of The Resource Box
Your resource box is your call to action! This is where your article has led your reader to the bottom of the article and you are now going to give them more information. If you have written your article in a way that your reader wants more information from you, there is a good chance that they will click on the link you provide to learn more. The whole goal of the article is to get them to click on the resource box link. Usually, you want to send them to a page that gives you an opportunity to add the reader as one of your home based business opportunity leads.

Do not forget to syndicate your articles either! There are plenty of article directories that you can post your article too other than Ezine Articles. Usually, Ezine Articles does give you the most traffic, but do not  discount the traffic you will get from the others as well. Believe me, it will add up.

Finally, being consistent in putting out content is a major factor to your article marketing success when it comes to getting business opportunity leads. The more you put out, the more probability that people are going to find them. It’s almost like a snowball effect when it comes to traffic this way. It may start out slow, but it will increase and increase quickly.

To Your Higher Profits,




Network Marketing Tips

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Network Marketing Tips – How About Something Different Than Normal!

Network Marketing TipsYou are bound to get more than your share of network marketing tips as you talk to more and more people. If there is any category that there is a flood of, home based business tips are it! But if you notice, most people will tell you the same thing. You ever wonder why that is? Well, I’ll tell you.

Most times, the tips you are going to get will be ones that have been passed down from person to person. Someone heard it somewhere and told someone else about how great these new network marketing secrets are. The problem with this is that most people never actually put it to the test to see if it would work for them or not, yet they pass it on like it’s the best tip ever.

As an example, one of these multi level marketing tips is building a social following by adding friends on Facebook. Now, let me say that Facebook can be effective, but only when it’s used in the proper way. People that look at the big names in this industry like Johnathan Budd and Mike Dillard and they see the huge following these guys have on these social media sites. But think about it for a second!

Why do you think they have these huge followings? Because everybody knows who they are because everyone promotes their products! If it wasn’t for that, Mr. Budd and Mr. Dillard would be no different than Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith. Who is Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith? Exactly, just another face in the crowd.

Facebook and Twitter is full of marketers all trying to do the same thing. They go on there everyday and add friends and followers so it looks like they have some kind of following. Is this truly attraction marketing or is this the “fake it till you make it” route that so many try and take?

Think I’m kidding? Go look at your Twitter account and see just how many times people tweet things like “network marketing tips to get your thousands of leads” or “Make 1000′s a day with my system”. Twitter is full of marketers! There isn’t much of a true social aspect left to it. If you haven’t noticed this, then you very well may have fallen for one of those types of tweets from someone you added because……well, because someone told you that’s what you needed to do.

You want to know one of the true network marketing success secrets? Work hard, then when your tired, work some more and when you feel like you can’t do anymore, do more! You do that and you will be more successful than 99% of the people in this industry or any other you choose to be in. I don’t try and sugar coat the truth and that’s about as honest of a true success tip that you will ever find.

To your success,




Network Marketing Opportunities

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