Lead Net Pro – An Honest Review Of What You Get

Lead Net Pro is the newest “lead scraping” tool to hit the market recently. While it claims to move at lightening speed and have an accuracy rating of 99%, I think we all know it’s not going to be THAT accurate.

I decided to drill down a bit and get what they real Lead Net Pro facts are so I could give those looking at the program an honest look at what you would be getting.

First off, I thought for a good while about the program before I bought it. Unfortunately you have to buy it to be able to get  any kind of test run on it and  while it is a pretty good investment at $397.00, if it did even half of what it says it could do it would be well worth it.

The first thing I was thinking was if it’s as fast as they say it is, there is going to be some serious time needed on setting it up. I”m not a “technical” person by any means,  so I was fully prepared to be sitting in front of the computer for half the day trying to get it running right. Much to my surprise, it was really very simple to install. There is only a couple minor things you need to install on a hosting account and you’re up and running.

Now, they do suggest having a separate hosting account that you use for Lead Net Pro only. I bought an extra one through Hostgator for $8.95 a month and that’s where I loaded it up. Due to the fact you will be using an in house email-er, they say you shouldn’t put it on your hosting account that you have websites already on in case there is a problem. Makes good sense to me in the fact that you don’t want your sites to be penalized in the case your hosting account gets complaints.

They’ve done a really really good job explaining how to go about contacting these leads without getting any spam complaints.  It’s  a pretty simple formula that’s will work for sure.

Now that I was up and had the Lead Net Pro mlm extractor ready to go, I realized that it’s not just for MLM stuff. You can really use this for a ton of other things you might want to do too.  If you sell physical products or have an online business that caters to offline businesses, this thing call really cut down on your time.

So the main thing I wanted to test out was just how fast this thing would fly. They state very clearly that they are the fastest program out there, but I always like to see things for myself. You can see the video above for the proof of just how fast it really is.

Everything is searched for by keyword so it makes it very easy to pull just what you are looking for. One thing to be aware of though is not searching for things with broad intent. You want to be as targeted as you can in order to get the best results. If you search for thing like “home based business”, there are any number of things you could get back that won’t be any good for you. So make sure that you are drilling down as close to the exact thing you are looking for.

Finally, I decided to see just how easy the mailer and the phone set up was in Lead Net Pro. Yes, they actually have a phone system that you can automate to get people interested in what it is you are offering and you don’t have to hire a telemarketer to do it. You can just prerecord messages and load them yourself. Both programs were very simple to set up and test out even for someone who is as “Techie stupid” like myself.

The video above shows you pretty much what you are going to get, but all in all, I was very impressed with the system itself. Like anything else, if you don’t use it, it’s not going to give you any results, but if you do, it would be really difficult to see how it couldn’t get you your money back pretty quickly.

The compensation plan for it is really good as well. The first sale goes to the person who introduced you to the course and then after that, you make $300.00 for each sale.  Only thing I wasn’t to fond of is the fact you have to actually buy the system before you are allowed to promote it, but with as many people who will be grabbing this program shortly, I don’t think there will be any shortage of buyers any time soon.

That said, If anyone is interested in the program and

you purchase through my link here

I have some pretty good bonuses to give you.

First, you’re going to need a Hosting account by itself for this software.

I’ll Pay For The First Year Of Hosting! That’s a $80-$100.00 Value! Then you will also get:

1. Personal Support On How To Best Use The Software To Your Advantage. I made over 1800.00 with it in the first 48 hours!

2. I’ll install the software for you!

3. Lifetime membership into my private membership course The Newbie University which teaches you successful internet marketing. Currently $47.00 per month.

4. Traffic Explosion Plan – Over 12 Hours Of Traffic Generation Video’s – See here

5. The Focus Master – Timing Software To Force You To Be Productive – See Here

6. Formfilla – Helps you Create Those Cool Info Forms People Fill Out – See on Traffic Explosion Sales Page

7. Audio And PDF Version Of My Book Article Marketing Exposed – See here

To claim your bonuses, just email me at networkcrusher@gmail.com with your receipt. Soon as I verify it, I’ll send you the download link to all products.

I don’t think you will find any more of an honest or detailed explanation of the Lead Net Pro information out there.

To your higher profits,




MLM Secrets

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51 Responses to Lead Net Pro – An Honest Review Of What You Get

  1. Bryan,
    This Lead Net Pro software sounds like it can cross over into so many different verticals that it’s a must when generating leads for any product or service. I’m in the healthcare industry with one of my businesses with a telemedicine application service and plan on purchasing this program asap. Thanks for the heads up on all of the set up hints like separate hosting service. Great article outlining the cost per value for this software (Lead Net Pro) – planning on coming back to follow up on other great article’s in the future.

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Hey Michael,

      It really is a sweet program. The lead generation part of it is really awesome, but if you think outside the box a little bit, you can really do some cool stuff with it.

  2. Melissa says:


    How is this system working for you?

    Will you the other applications the system can be used for if someone purchases it from you? I am NOT an internet marketing person, so I don’t have your point of reference to rely on.


    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Hi Melissa,

      You don’t have to know anything about internet marketing to use this program. It’s a really good lead generation tool with a built in phone system and emailer. You can know nothing about internet marketing and make plenty of money with it.

      It’s just a really nice way to create a ton of leads for your business that you can contact on a daily basis for what ever it is you are wanting to promote.

  3. Edward says:

    I love the idea behind this system, and I have no doubt in mind it works, but, don’t you run the risk of being reported for spam since these people didn’t come to you through opt in etc? Does the systems built in e mailer have a opt out option? I’m giving this a close look these are just a few questions that came to mind.

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Hi Edward,

      You are right that you can’t just blast people with emails. But, there is a certain way you can “reverse” email and you are perfectly fine.

      The phone broadcast system within the system is just awesome though. I’ve been having great success with that part too.

  4. Rick Phillips says:

    Hello Bryan,
    I am truly excited about Lead Net Pro, I am truly connected to a serious sales force with great products and services. I would love to speak with you via phone to discuss the endless possibilities in working together.

  5. Pat says:

    Hi Bryan,
    What dose the quot below mean?

    “You are right that you can’t just blast people with emails.

    But, there is a certain way you can “reverse” email and you are perfectly fine”.

    How dose reverse emailing work? What is it?

    Thanks for your time, and by the way, your blog looks great!

    Warm Regards
    Pat :-)

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Hey Pat,

      It’s a way to not do what they were looking to do without getting in trouble for spam :)

      Give me a call and I’ll be glad to explain it to you.


  6. Hey Bryan, thanks for sharing the video on this new lead software. I think I’m using an out dated lead software tool…bummer!

  7. Poppie says:

    Hi Bryan,
    I am amazed at this software.
    The reverse thingy seemed to be logical.
    If a person has their name & number out there and have put out they are looking for info on a subject & you call them…Duhh?
    I really feel this product is a real no brainer.
    I have been studying YouTube Vids, Ezine, every thing on Google & Yahoo to find eveything I can about it, before buying it.
    Then I want someone who will help me with it, rather than someone trying to sell me their own system first.
    No style at all there.
    Just confuses a new buyer like me.
    Anyways, your offer seems good.
    Are you on Skype?
    poppiedee is my Skype number.

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Hey Poppie,

      Great talking to you and good to have you on board! If you have any questions or run into any problems, just let me know:)

  8. Dan says:

    Excellent review of LeadNetPro, thanx!

  9. Brian says:

    I’m really considering this. You said you would install the software if we buy from you…but I thought this was all web based.

    You also mentioned personal support on how to use it to my advantage. Do you have written instructions or an action plan for making a profit right away?

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Hey Brian,

      Yes, I’ll take care of the installation process. As far as instructions go, we’ll jump on a gotomeeting session and I’ll walk you through everything.

  10. mohammad says:

    Hi, I have nutrition retail stores and in past i have spent over $10000 on print/direct media ads, but the rate of return is nada… so i am wondering if i would be able to use this sofware to targert local health and nutrition buyers .. also starting or getting involved in Kangen water MLM business and online dog food supplements , so would that can benefit me is this case……
    would love your honest openion, I know you (seller ) gets $300 but i am more interested in features of this software ratehr then just promotiing soft ware it self…

    Best regards

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      You can use it for all three, but you’ll have more success probably with Kengan and the Dog food supplement due to the way it scrapes.

      There’s a ton of other uses for this thing other than selling it if people think outside the box a bit.

  11. patrick hamilton says:

    nice talking with you

  12. Bill P. says:

    Are you still stoked on LNP. I have an MLM I want to promote. I am a newbie (all the way!).

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Yea, it’s a great program. You can use it for a lot of other things other than just promoting a MLM or the system it’s self.

  13. Nel says:

    Bryan, what is the TOTAL $ amount for the FIRST payment and subsequent monthly charge if I sign up with you? I have been told by one marketer it is $518 + a monthly charge of $58.

    I have read your free giveaways.


    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Hi Nel,

      The total amount would be $397.00 for the first month and then 19.95 a month after the 30 days. I’m not sure where the 518.00 came from.

      It would be an extra $100.00 for the hosting for the year, so maybe that’s where he got it from. But I pay for your first year of hosting, so you don’t have to worry about that part:)

      • Nel says:

        Thanks for replying Bryan. It sounds really great. I responded to an add a couple weeks ago, that’s where I got the first month’s pricing from. I definitely want to do this but I am “in the red” broke right now plus I am using a mini computer because my main computer was plagued with a serious virus (it sounds like this thing needs a decent computer).

        Bryan, I like the fact that you help install it and you pay for the first year of hosting. I have intermediate skills on the computer (i.e okay but by no means an expert).

        Have a good night!

        (southern California)

        • Bryan Zimmerman says:

          Hey Nel,

          Yea, I know the feeling with the computer being a little sick. I just took one of mine in this morning to get fixed. Let me know if you need anything in regards to the program.

  14. Matt says:

    Hi Bryan

    Would this be useful for residential or commercial mortgage leads?

    thanks, Matt

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Hi Matt,

      That really depends on how you want to use it. Give me a call and we can see if it will work for you. If it can’t I’ve got no problem telling you .

  15. Ethan Beck says:

    Hi Bryan, I recently joined a MLM Company called the hemp network.. I haven’t done much with it yet and I am looking to start promoting this business.. Do you think Lead Net Pro would be good for doing so?

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Yes, this is the kind of thing it works really well for. Marketing is one thing, but this tool turns marketing into a pure numbers game for the most part because it allows you to get your offer out in front of so many people in a short amount of time.

  16. Curt says:

    I just want to say that Bryan is an honest man and that’s something that I find very rare it seems these days online.

    I was thinking of purchasing Lead Net Pro because I wanted help getting clients for my insurance business. We had a nice conversation on the phone and discussed what it was I wanted to do. The fact that he told me it wasn’t going to work for what I really wanted to do impressed me. He cost himself a commission because he was HONEST because I was ready to buy.

    Thank you Bryan, seriously. What you did is rare these days.

  17. Jeff says:

    I have been researching LNP pretty hard… The one thing that I have seen over and over is that it is almost impossible to inbox. I was actually talking to a guy last night that put LNP on a fresh domain through JustHost .. Sent an email to his yahoo, hotmail, and gmail that said Good Morning. All 3 spam boxed… I only want to purchase if I can hit the inbox. What do you suggest?

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      I don’t use just host so I couldn’t tell you, but I do know that one person who bought it from me used them and wound up canceling their hosting.

      I’ve always used HOST GATOR and never had a problem. The emails I send get through just fine and I can tell from the amount I get in my own inbox, other people’s are getting in too :)

      Anyone that buys it, I tell them to go there first.

      • HENRY says:

        Bryan..I am reading up on this system for days now, your bonuses will probably sell me on this product, I am using MLSP and like it but would not mind getting another lead source.
        The only thing I do not like is that I would not be able to get leads into my awebber or get response AR.
        Also I would like to verify that you will set up the system for me so it is ready to go and offer support with uploading the leads>


        • Bryan Zimmerman says:

          Yep, I’ll handle all the set up for you and provide support. Just give me a call as soon as you’ve signed up and we’ll take the next step:)

  18. Jeff says:

    Thank you for the info … I will be calling you next week!

  19. Nel says:

    Half way there Bryan. Got my laptop back today. Will order Lead Net Pro tomorrow morning so expect a call between 7am and 12 noon PST.


  20. Nel says:

    Thanks for all your help Bryan. I look forward to much success with Lead Net Pro.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Safe New year!!!

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Awesome Nel, glad you’re set up and ready to go! Have fun with it and let me know if you need anything.

  21. Warren Shaw says:

    Hi Bryan,

    Does the lead system work in the U.K and also the telephone facility, would be interesting to know.

    If so I would seriously consider this.



    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Hey Warren,

      You can use the system from the U.K. but the phone broadcast only calls people in the U.S.

      Just give me a shout if you have some questions

  22. Leean Jensen says:

    I just started MPBToday. Do you help someone know what keywords to use for their company? I know my up-line sponsor markets LNP, but does not offer the personal support you offer. This is a large investment–I know I need leads! But I also need help knowing how to use LNP to benefit my business. Does LNP send out auto-responder messages? Or do you need to draft those yourself? Do you help with that also? I just want to know I’ll have support.

    • Bryan Zimmerman says:

      Hey Leean,

      The system it’s self doesn’t send out autoresponder messages, but you can send people to a squeeze page that does.

      So you would still have to write them, but I can help you with that if needed. If you’re looking for support, I can help you out with it :)

  23. Van James says:

    Thanks for the information Bryan. Sounds in theory like a great system. The devil is in the details though.

    What is LNP compliance in Can Spam 2003 (though you may have a slight work around in the reverse marketing. I take it you scrape then contact them request they allow you to email them. Keep this to avoid spam complaints.) However, what about the Voice Broadcast law of 9/1/09 outlawing non opt-in voice blasts. need written permission to have them called?

    Has this been addressed? If there is a system to address, I am in.

    Also, aren’t we all contacting and scraping the same leads and will recipients complain if they get many emails on the same issue? Thank you. Great blog.

  24. robb says:


    Thank you for your time on the phone today…. I look forward to seeing the info that we had discuessed.


  25. Stan KrTil says:

    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the report and good review on LeadNetPro.

    Do you know somebody who is using this SW, willing and eager to enter into a Business Agreement
    with my company on long term basis?

    Please make sure to know that I do not want to learn and use the system SW myself individually,
    nor do I want to resell it. I need someone on the team for long term business relationship.

    And one more thing, we are not an MLM company.

    Thanks for your consideration I remain

    Harmoniously yours

    Stan KrTil

    The Harmonian Story Teller
    of Harmony Model and The Corporate House of Self

    Phone: 250.770.8781

  26. For anyone considering buying this program while reading this website and reading these comments – CALL BRYAN and just ask your questions. He actually told me why this WONT work for my particlular business and why I SHOULDN’T buy the program. He could’ve made $300 in a matter of minutes, but chose to take the high-road and not sell me something that won’t work for my needs.

    Again, thanks for your honesty Bryan – it will come back to you.

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